We Will Miss You Buffy!

We Will Miss You Buffy!

Ask a league member about Tammy DePhillip and you might receive a blank stare.  Who?  But ask about Buffy Shovers — Tammy’s alter ego — and you’ll hear an outpouring of love for this talented skater and funny friend.

“I’ve personally seen her grow more confident since we met during the first revamped boot camp last year.  And we will always remember yoga poses as “Angry cat” and “Sexy cat.”  >^.^<  Hiss… Meow…  ;0) Hugs and belches.  –Rhapsody, League Member

“Buffy is my favorite feminist.  She definitely has left her mark on our league, one that will help us usher in the next generation of SMRDerers.  And she, like me, is quite prone to dance at practice if the right song comes on, so I never feel alone in my nonsense. WE WILL MISS YOU!” –Rach Against the Machine, League Member

“Buffy, thank you for the jam skate…Laurel Skate Palace 2013. Hugs!” –Brooklyn, League Member

Buffy successfully led our winter Fresh Meat Boot Camp and was universally loved by “the freshies,” too.

“She’s very patient and understanding with us freshies.  She never made us (ME! lol) feel stupid no matter how many times I said, “Can you show me that again?” and I really did ask a lot, being a visual learner.  She also used positive reinforcement, so I felt good when I finally did get something.” –Monica Ausderau Larmon, Boot Camper

“She’s always been super supportive and fun to be around.  Definitely kept us going even if we were having a rough time with encouragement.  Superb trainer! –Sarah Kelly, Boot Camper

“She is a good person who shows her caring spirit without trying. Plus she’s so damned cute!” –Tamme Prowell McConnell, Boot Camper

In fact, a lot has been said about Buffy’s sweet looks…

“She’s like a pixie on skates and her hotpants were always funny 🙂 Haha penguins?! So funny.” –Lyndsay Daniels, Boot Camper

“I think of Tinkerbell every time I see her skate.” –Michelle Ryan, Boot Camper

…but don’t be deceived!

“Buffy’s sweet looks are misleading.  She’s a firecracker.  I love skating with her and will miss her presence so much.  –Amber McDonald, League Member

“She had a dance off with some random guy at Towne

in DC.  Her crazy leg dance won my heart that night.” –Beelzebruise, League Member

“She does the ‘down town’ real well lol.” –Morgan Smith, Boot Camper

Say what?  Listen, we can’t give away all Buffy’s secrets…

“Aw man, I wish we say could her interesting nickname in the newsletter.”  -Blair Knuckles, League Member

After that, it’s only fair to let our friend Buffy have the last word:

“I originally wrote a long letter but I’ve decided to change it up and keep things short and sweet, just like me. (Kidding… sort of). I have reached the bittersweet moment that I knew had to come, I am excited to find what the future has in store for me but saddened to think about what I am leaving behind.

“I would like to thank each of you for the support you have shown me during my time with SMRD, I was not prepared for the amount of love I have received. My hope is that you all will continue to share that love with each other and future league members.

“Thank you for accepting me with open arms. I can honestly say that I have never felt so accepted by a group of individuals before. I believe this kind of acceptance can only be offered among people who are able to bond over how strong of an odor they are omitting.

“When I look back on the time since I joined SMRD I cannot imagine what I would have done if I hadn’t drove out to the creepy sheep shack on that February evening, I would probably have knitted a sweater or two; but those sweater could never be as cute as the bruises I’ve received or as warm as the love you all have offered me.”


It’s with very heavy hearts that we will say goodbye to Buffy after our inaugural bout.  We invite you to come and cheer her on in Fredericksburg, VA, on May 17th!