SMRD Bootcamp || 2015 Fall Session

SMRD Bootcamp || 2015 Fall Session

Roller Derby Bootcamp

Hosted by Southern Maryland Roller Derby!


The first women’s flat track roller derby league in Southern Maryland is proud to roll out its seventh bootcamp for one of the fastest growing sports in America…Roller Derby!!!

The SMRD bootcamp outline is inspired by Punchy O’Guts, one of the greatest trainers known to Roller Derby, and has been used in our past six bootcamps!  We teach all skaters- from beginner to experienced – all of the skills that make up the foundation of roller derby!

Our bootcamp is split into two levels:

  • In level one, we cover individual skater skills like skating, crossovers, one foot glides, falling safely, stopping safely, speed starts and so much more!
  • In level two, the fun begins and we cover contact skills like blocking, hip/shoulder/back checks, whips, assists and skating with your pack!


Things to remember…

  • Must have all safety gear (helmet // elbow, wrist and knee pads // mouthguard).
  • Must bring primary form of medical insurance and government issued ID.
  • Must submit registration application to get a spot.
  • Must pay to skate // Pre-paid tickets available through Brown Paper Tickets .
    • Cash or check at the door for $60.
  • Skaters who successfully complete level one are eligible to sign up for level two.


Come out and Meet the skaters!!!

Want to meet and skate with us before bootcamp and get any other questions answered????


    • Come skate with us at Waldorf Skate Center August 11th or August 18th!!!
    • Trainers will be on hand to answer your questions
    • We’ll also have derby gear on display so you can see some of the various brands available