Roller Derby & Pregnancy

Roller Derby & Pregnancy

Hey SMRDers! Rebel Fury here, and this is a blog of roller derby life with Southern Maryland Roller Derby, currently from the sidelines.

Let me introduce myself first! I have been with SMRD since 2016. Like many skaters, I am a strong woman, a wife, and a mother. I balance derby with my job and non-derby life. Crazy right? I was introduced to roller derby at my last military base in California over six years ago. I did my first bootcamp there and like all of us, fell in love. Life and the military, had other plans. I passed my minimum skills assessment two months pregnant, stopped skating and vowed to return when I delivered. I was determined to not give up my pre-motherhood passion; I was also delusional 😊

Once I had regained my sea legs as a mother, my family received orders to Maryland. Now I had two kids, and knew I needed to find something for myself if I was going to survive the relocation. I searched derby in my area, and the rest is history. Fast forward to today and the real reason I started this blog; stepping back from derby when you get pregnant. I’m nuts, and am now pregnant with our third, joining the growing list of “injured”skaters. When I first found out, I researched to see who else has experienced this and how the hell did they step back from the sport we love so much. I found a couple, but none so relevant to my situation. Because let’s face it, there is some guilt associated with being a pregnant skater. I knew my team had plans, hell, I had plans! Now they were down a skater for some tough bouts. As my pregnancy has progressed I do not always have the energy, i.e. falling asleep at 7pm, to go out to functions. How do I fit it into roller derby without being able to actually skate; that was the FUN part!

I struggled in the beginning, but have since found my own way to contribute to the team I love so much. I NSO, I bench coach, and now do some of the background work that goes along with running a derby league. With a spouse who is away quite often, I find myself staying at home, watching my skates collect dust. I drool watching videos of how to perfect your hockey stops or Miracle Whips doing another awesome thing. I am keeping active with my workouts to ensure minimal muscle and endurance loss but I know when, and it definitely is WHEN I come back, there will be work to be done. Right now though, there is some envy, but mainly excitement watching this season’s bootcampers graduating. I for sure will be cheering them on this season from the sidelines. This experience has really created a deeper appreciation for those who do not skate but stay involved with derby. But if one thing is obvious, we, non-skating members and volunteers, do what we do because we love roller derby and our league!

Until next time!
Derby love,