SMRD Orientation and Onboarding



Here you will find all you need to get started with becoming a SMRDerer!

The entire process, while exciting, can also be overwhelming.  In the next week, you will be assigned a derby sister to help you through the on-boarding process and will receive an email from her personally. Please reach out to your Big Sister at any time with any questions, comments, or any reason. 🙂

Below you will find a list of actions you must take, and along the way you will become familiar with the avenues in which SMRD uses to communicate and conduct business.

Your membership with SMRD is conditional to the completion of the 1 month on-boarding process.  

Each member of SMRD is expected to have a general understanding of the policies of the league as laid out by “SMRD Standard Operating Procedures” and the by-laws.

Reading the handbook and by-laws is a requirement of becoming a league member (there’s a small quiz later 😉

You should at least skim through and be familiar with the chapters of the SOP so you have a general idea of where to find the information when you need it.

The by-laws are our legal governing document as filed with the State comptroller’s office as well as with the WFTDA charter office.  The by-laws would always supercede the SOP.



SMRD uses a private forum to discuss all things league-related.

You will first need to register


Once we have verified your profile, you will be able head to the forum and dive right in to all things SMRD.  Have ideas? Find the right committee board and drop them down!  We love fresh ideas!

Now that you have made yourself aware of all things SMRD, it’s time to choose which committee you would like to be a part of.  We are a “for the skater, by the skater” league and as such, really need everyone to pitch in.

To be a member of SMRD you must fulfill Member Contribution Hours within at least one committee.  Reach out to the committee director that interests you and let her/him know that you have skills they could use!


HR will also be sending out a list of jobs that are open and have a critical fill.  Let her know if you can assist!

Skaters are required to purchase accidental medical insurance through WFTDA within 30 days of becoming a league member. This is a supplemental insurance policy and each SMRD skater is still required to hold primary medical insurance. The cost of WFTDA insurance is separate from the dues that are paid directly to the league. Here is the link to purchase the insurance:


Please fill out this form once you have read the SOP, purchased WFTDA insurance, registered on the forum and spoken with your Committee Director


Once you have read and signed the form the SMRD Nerd Herd will set up your account on the G-Drive and send you an email with the link.


In case you lose the email, here’s the link.  But it won’t work until the Nerd Herd sends you the initial email.

Once you receive the email to the G-Drive, you will simultaneously be given read only access to our private calendar.  Most of us just add it to our calendar apps to make it easy to reference. 🙂




SMRD members pay dues of $25 on a monthly basis.   Dues will be collected beginning the month a potential member completes the on-boarding process and must be paid in order to become a member. Dues are to be paid to SMRD Treasurer. You will receive monthly email invoices to pay your dues via PayPal. You can also pay cash or check directly to the SMRD Treasurer. Checks can be made payable to Southern Maryland Roller Derby, Inc.


contact for any questions


SMRD has a private Facebook group for league members only. You will not be given access to the Facebook group until you have completed all other tasks.

Please use Facebook as a social outlet rather than to address league business. The Facebook group is our socializing area and not intended for any league business.  This is where we go to hangout, kickback and have fun!



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