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Everything else / Re: Smoky Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Sweet Potatoes
« Last post by Knockout Punch on June 17, 2017, 04:59:15 PM »
Sounds delish!

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Everything else / Re: Smoky Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Sweet Potatoes
« Last post by Rebel Fury on June 15, 2017, 07:23:58 AM »

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Everything else / Smoky Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Sweet Potatoes
« Last post by Wonky Donkay on June 14, 2017, 08:51:11 PM »
We served with a few asparagus spears on the side.

Serves 4 (serving size: 3 ounces pork, 4 potato wedges, and about 1 tablespoon sauce)


1 (1-pound) pork tenderloin, trimmed
2 teaspoons smoked paprika
3/4 teaspoon kosher salt, divided
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
2 tablespoons canola oil, divided
2 large sweet potatoes (about 11 ounces each), peeled and cut into 8 wedges each
1/4 cup cider vinegar
3 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
2 thyme sprigs
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
How to Make It

Preheat oven to 450°.
Sprinkle pork evenly with paprika, 1/4 teaspoon salt, pepper, and cumin. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add 1 tablespoon oil to pan; swirl to coat. Add pork to pan; cook 8 minutes, turning to brown on all sides.

Place potatoes on a baking sheet; drizzle with remaining 1 tablespoon oil. Bake at 450° for 10 minutes. Add pork to pan with potatoes; stir potatoes. Bake at 450° for 15 minutes or until potatoes are tender and a thermometer inserted into the thickest portion of the tenderloin registers 140°. Remove pan from oven. Sprinkle potatoes with 3/8 teaspoon salt. Let pork stand 5 minutes before cutting into slices.

Combine remaining 1/8 teaspoon salt, vinegar, honey, mustard, and thyme in a small saucepan; bring to a boil. Cook 3 minutes or until thickened. Add butter, stirring with a whisk until melted. Remove thyme sprigs; discard. Drizzle mustard mixture over potatoes. Serve with pork.

calories 392
fat 12.6 g
satfat 3.2 g
monofat 6.1 g
polyfat 2.6 g
protein 26 g
carbohydrate 44 g
fiber 5 g
cholesterol 81 mg
iron 2 mg
sodium 536 mg
calcium 38 mg
sugars 22 g
Est. Added Sugars 13 g

As a derby athlete, you do your best to eat well and give your body the fuel it needs for the very best performance but, let’s be real, sometimes we crave those comfort foods! Now, if your comfort food is a baked chicken breast with broccoli on the side, great! Carry on! For most of us, the foods that comfort us tend to skew a little less healthy and a little more hearty.
There is absolutely 100% nothing wrong with craving some comfort from time to time, but what if we could put a spin on some of your favourites so that they can be a regular healthy option for you meal-planning? Sounds good to me!

We at RDA want to make your healthy comfort food dreams come true, so our next few posts will look at how to make those old stand-bys good for you!

First up in this series,

Ditch the KFC meal deal, and make your own!
THE CHICKEN: When you buy chicken from a fast-food chain, the quality of the cuts is likely pretty dismal. You’re subject to using whatever oil (and amount of oil) that particular chain uses. Also, there’s likely a bunch of added fat and salt in the breading and coating, often with a calorie count of 120+ calories per drumstick. When you make fried chicken yourself, you can control those variables, save yourself some unnecessary calories (like 20-40 per piece depending on your breading) AND the chicken is delicious!
2 lbs chicken- thighs, drums, breasts,
1 C coconut oil (or sesame oil if baking),
 2 large eggs, 1 C almond flour,
 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp garlic powder,
 1 tsp sea salt,
 1/2 tsp black pepper,
(thyme, ginger, chipotle powder, etc. as optional spices)

You can either pan fry your chicken or bake it – whatever floats your boat! I often bake, but that’s just because I’m not awesome at frying things (you should see my eggs).
Heat up your oil in a pan to 350 degrees, also preheat your oven to 375-400 degrees. If you’re baking, just preheat the oven.
 Whisk your eggs together in bowl.
Combine your dry ingredients in larger bowl and stir to mix.
 Dip each chicken piece in the eggs, then coat in the dry mix.

For frying: the coated chicken will then go into the oil for about 2 minutes a side (until brown).
 Place the seared chicken pieces on a drying rack, t
hen transfer to a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
 Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

For baking:

The coated chicken pieces can go onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet or into a glass baking dish.
 Drizzle with a little extra oil, top with a little more spice
 bake for 1 hour (or until fully cooked).

And what’s Fried Chicken without a side?
THE COLESLAW: Chain coleslaw is often made from stuff that’s full of chemicals and added sugar. For example, KFC coleslaw packs 170 calories per serving, and is a mix of cabbage, Miracle Whip (made from soybean oil, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, corn starch and dried eggs – yum!), salad oil and even more sugar. For a healthier version that’s easy to make, get yourself some yogurt!

1/2 C plain Greek yogurt,
3 1/2 tbsp cider vinegar,
3 tbsp coconut sugar (or not),
 1 tsp salt,
1 tsp black pepper,
 6ish cups of bagged coleslaw or shredded cabbage and other veggies (carrots, cucumber, apple, zucchini, etc).

Directions: Mix the non-cabbage ingredients until well-blended.
Put the cabbage mix in a large bowl and toss with the dressing.
Cover and refrigerate 30 minutes before serving.
If you want an even healthier side dish, why not steam some greens?

What’s for Dessert?
THE APPLE PIE: Yes, I know that fast food fried apple pies are great. And I know that people were sad when they stopped frying them and that the baked ones just weren’t as tasty. However, those tasty fried pies were exceptionally high in added sugar and oil, and you can make a much tastier version for yourself!

 6 large apples,
2 tbsp honey (or maple syrup), 1/2 tsp cinnamon,
 1/2 tsp vanilla,
(optional) 1/4 C chopped walnuts and/or raisins.
1/2 C rolled oats,
1/2 C flour (whole wheat, white or spelt),
6 tbsp coconut or brown sugar, drizzle honey,
 1/4 C coconut oil (or applesauce),
dash salt.

Preheat your oven to 375.
 Cut off the tops off 4 of the apples and set them aside (but keep them).
 Remove most of the inside of the apple with a small paring knife or spoon – try not to break the peel.
 Peel and thinly dice the two remaining apples (and additional apple insides if needed).
 Combine the sliced apples with cinnamon, vanilla, honey and walnuts/raisins.
 Scoop the mixture into the hollow apples and cover the apples with their tops (from before).
 Place the stuffed and covered apples in a small roasting pan with some water in the bottom of the pan.
Cover the pan with foil and bake 20 minutes.

While the apples are baking, mix the crumble ingredients together.
Take out the roasting pan,
remove the foil,
remove the tops of the apples and top with the crumble.
Bake for an additional 15-20 minutes until the apple mixture is bubbly and brown, and the outer apples are soft.
Serve with Greek yogurt or drizzled with honey and cinnamon!
Everything else / Re: Turkey burger (with a vegetarian option as well)
« Last post by Wonky Donkay on May 01, 2017, 12:59:48 AM »
Awesome Onion Rings from The Graceful Kitchen

Ingredients: 2 large sweet onions – cut into 1/2″ rings

Batter: 1/2 C whole wheat flour, 2 tbsp cornstarch, 1 tsp dijon mustard, 1/2 C milk of choice, 1/2 C beer

Coating: 2 C panko crumbs, 1 tsp coarse sea salt, 2 tsp granulated garlic, 2 tsp paprika, 2 tbsp olive oil

Directions: Preheat your oven to 430, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Sift together the flour and cornstarch, add the milk and milk until the texture is consistent throughout. Add the dijon mustard and beer and mix until smooth. In a separate bowl, combine panko, salt, garlic and paprika. Drizzle olive oil on top, and mix with your hands until evenly spread. Take a ring, dip it in the flour batter, then coat with the panko mixture, then lay it on the baking sheet. Repeat for all the rings. Bake for 25 minutes or until the rings are golden brown and crispy.

If onion rings aren’t your deal, make fries! Either use a dehydrator or bake (about 425, 10-15 minutes per side) in your oven. You can season and bake zucchini, carrots, avocado, green beans, asparagus and more! You can also make you own potato wedges or sweet potato fries (again with the oven at around 425, on an oiled baking sheet with oil and seasoning drizzled on top, bake for 10-15 minutes a side). Keep an eye on any of your homemade fries to make sure that the oil doesn’t start smoking, and that you’re getting the crispiness you want.

And for some soda free of artificial sweeteners? Grab some sparkling water and toss in lemon, lime or your favourite fruit! Fizzy and fantastic!
Everything else / Turkey burger (with a vegetarian option as well)
« Last post by Wonky Donkay on March 03, 2017, 12:23:40 PM »
Turkey Apple Mushroom Burgers (2 servings)

• 1 lb ground turkey breast

• 5 chopped mushrooms

• 1⁄2 chopped onion

• 1⁄2 chopped apple

• 1⁄2 tsp butter or coconut oil

• 1 tsp lemon juice

• 1 egg

• Dash salt, pepper, garlic powder

• Iceberg lettuce leaves

Brown onions in skillet, add apples and mushrooms and stir-fry for an

additional 4 minutes. Place all ingredients in bowl and mix

well. Form into 2 large patties or 4 medium patties, and broil on

medium heat, aprox 6 minutes per side. Burgers are done when

juices run clear after being pierced by a fork. Serve in a lettuce leaf.

367 calories; 58 g protein; 11 g carbohydrates; 9 g fat

Veg option: Chickpea Burgers (4-6 servings)

• 1 1⁄2 C dry chickpeas

• 1 C fresh chopped parsley and/or basil (basil for

sweetness, parsley for bitterness)

• 1⁄2 C onion, chopped

• 6 cloves garlic, minced

• 1 1⁄2 tsp cumin

• 1⁄2 tsp turmeric

• Salt and pepper to taste

• 1-3 tbsp tahini

• EVOO or coconut oil

Rinse and strain chickpeas, then add to sauce pot. Cover with 2”

water and bring to a boil. Let sit 1 hour, then drain, rinse and dry.

Add parsley/basil, onion and garlic to food processor and mix until

well incorporated. Add cooled chickpeas gradually, along with spices

and tahini. Adjust spices if needed. Refrigerate 30 minutes-1

hour. Remove from fridge and form into 4-6 patties. Add tahini if the

mixture is too dry. Heat a thin layer of oil in a skillet. Fry the burgers

2-3 minutes per side and flip gently until browned on both

sides. Serve with pesto.
Everything else / healthy holiday TIps by Booty Quake
« Last post by Wonky Donkay on December 18, 2016, 10:43:16 PM »
Posted on: December 11th 2014

It’s that time of year again – the festive season! A time of feasting and fun with family and friends. A time where maybe sometimes, some of us, overindulge a tiny, little bit.

It’s the holidays. There will be parties. There will be drinks, hors d’oeuvres and sweets. None of these things are “bad” things; it’s the cycle of over-indulgence, followed by guilt and shame that end up having a negative effect. Late December doesn’t have to be a threat to your health and fitness goals. Rather, it can be an awesome time where you maintain your sanity and your healthy eating habits, and still have a good time with those you love. Since we’ve been talking about carbs lately, and the holiday season tends to be FULL OF CARBS, let’s take a look at some strategies to stay on track nutritionally until the middle of January.

First, to manage your schedule:


Prioritize your social events. Give yourself permission not to attend every single event you’ve been invited to. If you want to go somewhere, go. If you’re doing it because you feel obligated or pressured, evaluate the pros and cons, and let yourself say no. Try to manage your time wisely, and make sure that you carve out chunks of time that are just your own.

Next, to manage your stress:

In our post about carbs, we talked about how post-training is the ideal time for your carb intake. So, if you know you’ll be attending a holiday party, make it a training day. Even if it’s just a quickie, your body will thank you. A good training session will leave you with more energy to tackle your to-do list. It’ll put you in a better mood, and can serve as the valuable “me-time” that we need at this time of year. Remember that training is treating yourself well, and the holiday season is all about treating those we love. Love yourself – train in December.

Finally, to manage your meal plan:


Try not to fall into the mindset that December is a free-for-all, and that you’ll start fresh in January. Maintaining healthy habits through the holidays can be easy, just keep it simple: find one strategy that works for you and maintain it.  Here are some popular ways to keep up a meal plan, even when you have a busy social schedule.

Eat a healthy meal before you go to parties
Keep your plate full of veggies
Don’t hang out beside the food table
Talk more and eat less
Keep your glass full of water
If you’re going to a dinner party, pick 2 of the 3: appetizer, drink, dessert
Any of these party habits might help you be more mindful when you’re facing a holiday table full of goodies. But what about managing the food-related stress that often comes with this time of year? Here are some behaviours that help me keep my head on straight:

Splurge, but don’t substitute.  I LOVE freshly roasted turkey, I LOVE stuffing.  I LOVE pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream. And when presented with the opportunity to indulge in these things – I will. I like cookies, and brownies, and pastries. But I only like them. If you try to fill a craving with something that isn’t quite what you want, you’ll only end up eating more. Rather, indulge in what you really want, feel satisfied, and move on. 
Health-Up Your Holiday Offerings. If you’re hosting, or bringing along a dish, try to think of ways to limit the refined sugar and processed ingredients that you use.  The fewer things that come out of packages, the better. 
Remember how we were talking about limiting our starchy and sugary carbs? Here’s the world’s easiest dessert with a lower-sugar twist:

Fruit Crumble

Traditionally, you pick a fruit, add sugar to the fruit, mix butter, flour and brown sugar, crumble that on top of the fruit, and then bake it.  However, with some simple substitutions, you can swap out a huge amount of the sugar and still have a super-tasty dessert.  Here’s how:

Instead of using flour and sugar for your dry component, substitute for 2 cups of rolled oats or rolled quinoa.
Instead of cold butter for your wet component, substitute 3 tbsp honey or maple syrup and 3 tbsp coconut or macadamia oil.
Instead of adding sugar to the fruit base – don’t.  If you’re using frozen fruit, just defrosting it should release enough natural juices.  I tend not to add anything to fresh either.
Play with flavour – instead of just adding in sweetness, add a few shakes of cinnamon,  a spash of vanilla, some smashed nuts, shredded coconut, or orange zest for flavour.
Preheat your oven to 315F.  Grease a casserole dish with coconut oil.  Combine your 2 cups of rolled oats or rolled quinoa with honey and coconut oil. Add your spices and favours, mix well, and refrigerate. This step is key to getting that crumbly consistency. While your topping is cooling, prep the fresh or frozen fruit, and layer it in the bottom of the dish. Once your topping can be crumbled by hand, spread it over the fruit. Bake at 315 F for 30 minutes, or until golden brown and bubbling.  Enjoy with yogurt instead of ice cream.

 The time between December 1st and January 1st doesn’t have to be a blur of stress and over-indulgence. It’s a month like any other; take it day by day, be mindful, and enjoy yourself.
Gear corner / Re: Wheel Combinations
« Last post by Rebel Fury on June 08, 2016, 03:53:06 PM »
Love that second link! Definitely putting them to use!

Lindsey Smith
Gear corner / Re: Reversible scrimmage jerseys
« Last post by Ella Minow Pea on March 29, 2016, 10:11:34 AM »
Just ordered a set of armbands and a reversible jersey :)
Gear corner / Reversible scrimmage jerseys
« Last post by Princess Sleia on March 27, 2016, 11:16:08 PM »
I don't remember who was asking for it, but this shop does the reversible scrimmage Jersey with armbands.

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