Roller Derby 101 Begins in January!

Roller Derby 101 Begins in January!


We have revamped our traditional bootcamp into Derby 101! We will teach you everything from putting on gear to skating safety and everything on up to cross-overs and jumps! So come out and SKATE WITH SMRD! All skill levels are welcome!

Derby 101 dates and times:
Date: Monday, January 9th
Time: 7pm-9pm every Monday for 6 weeks
Where: Waldorf Skating Center. The cost is $60.



Check out our Derby 101 page for the registration process and additional info!!


Derby 101


Roller Derby 101, beginning September 7th!!!

Roller Derby 101, beginning September 7th!!!


We have revamped our traditional bootcamp into Derby 101! We will teach you everything from putting on gear to skating safety and everything on up to cross-overs and jumps! So come out and SKATE WITH SMRD! All skill levels are welcome!

Derby 101 dates and times:
Date: Wednesday, September 7th
Time: 7pm-9pm every Sunday for 6 weeks
Where: Waldorf Skating Center. The cost is $60.

How to sign up for Bootcamp
Southern Maryland Roller Derby Application – Please fill this out first if you have not done so already.

$60 Derby 101 Fees – How to Pay
•This Brown Paper Ticket link
•Must bring cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check made out to Southern Maryland Roller Derby, Inc. ($25 fee on returned checks)

What to bring to Bootcamp
Mandatory to skate at Bootcamp:
•Must be 18 or older. There is no age cap.
•Primary medical insurance is mandatory for all skaters and referees.
•Bring your government photo ID and primary insurance card.
•Mandatory gear to skate at Bootcamp. No Gear = No Skating. No exceptions.

Required gear:
•Mouth guard
•Wrist guards, elbow and knee pads
•Quad speed skates ((Referees may use inline skates))

Optional gear:
•Butt pads
•Tailbone guard
•Shin guards
•Water or sports drinks and snacks to refuel.

Additional helpful information:
Wear tennis shoes and athletic clothing (long pants, leggings or tights are recommended to avoid rink rash).

Prior skating experience is awesome, but not a requirement.

A high level of physical fitness is not necessary, only the willingness to improve. Extra exercise and/or training will benefit you as an athlete. It is recommended that you:

Visit open skates to get acquainted with your skater legs

Go outside! Skate in parking lots, on paved trails, tennis courts and/or concrete pads.

Work on exercises that target and strengthen the quads and hamstrings, i.e., one leg balancing, squats, lunges, and donkey kicks.

Do sit ups and squats. Lots of them. Build up your core and leg muscles.

There are several websites that offer “rookie” packages where you can get your complete setup (required gear and skates) for a couple hundred bucks. These are just a few sites: (use our special discount code for 15% of freshmeat packages and 10% regularly priced items: SOMD10) (SMRD Discount code for 10% off: SouthernMarylandRD) (SMRD Discount code for 10% off: rgsderby10) or – Check out lightly used gear

If you have any questions on gear, please email recruiting and we’ll get ya squared away.

We are also lucky enough to have two brick and mortar derby shops within driving distance.

As the Bearing Turns @ 14 East Baltimore St., Greencastle, PA 17225 • 717-830-3366

Derby Star Pro Shop @ 7820-E Wormans Mill Rd., Frederick, MD 21701 • 301-663-0007

Extra info
Websites to stay in touch

Join our Forum to stay connected with each other and the rest of the team. It’s a great place to ask about gear!!!
Join our Facebook recruit group for great clips and tips we find on Facebook

Also, don’t forget to visit our Bootcamp website

We play by the WFTDA rule set ( ) and are the only competitive WFTDA league in Southern Maryland and the only league that could be ranked. WFTDA’s website also has a TON of archive bouts that you can watch! . Take a look and see what derby is really all about!

Watch on our main facebook page for things in the future! We have games, events, practices that are open to the public and more coming up! Facebook will be the place with the newest information. Be sure to turn on notifications for our page to stay up to date.SMRD_BOOTCAMP_FALL2016_fb

SMRD Presents Team Maryland Roller Derby Clinic

SMRD Presents Team Maryland Roller Derby Clinic

Do you have a sad derby-face right now because you just can’t make it to NEDC, ECDX or Rollercon? Well SMRD is here to help with a half-day clinic that is close to home and super affordable!

Join us as we host a roller derby clinic with members of Team Maryland Roller Derby and help them get to State Wars later this year!!!


Two sessions will be held (12:00pm-2:00pm and 2:00pm-5:00pm) on Sunday, June 5th featuring different skills during each.


1st session (non contact skills)


$10 – on-skates presale

$15 – on-skates at the door


2nd session (must be cleared for full contact)


$15 – on-skates presale

$20 – on-skates at the door


TRAINERS, COACHES for each session

$5 – off-skates presale

$5 – off-skates at the door



1st Session || 12:00-2:00pm (Beginner to Advanced)

Blocking Court:

Hour 1: Agility for speed and an intro to micro-movements

Hour 2: Micro-movements for effective and successful blocking 

Jamming Court:

Hour 1: Speeding you up with proper jamming form

Hour 2: Utilizing smart stops for explosiveness while jamming



2nd Session || 2:00-5:00pm (advanced to elite):

Blocking Court:

Hour 1: Intro to advanced blocking

Hour 2: Application of advanced blocking skills in game-play scenarios

Jamming Court:

Hour 1: Intro to advanced jamming and techniques for success 

Hour 2: Application of advanced jamming skills in game-play scenarios



Special for Trainers and Coaches!

We’ll be hosting a special one hour off skates clinic from 3pm-4pm “Bench Coaching 101” for ANYONE who purchases an off-skates coach pass!!

Session 1. Jam Coaching

a. Signalling/Communication from the bench

b. To call or not to call – strategies for different scenarios (protecting a lead, trapping a jammer, playing catch-up, etc.)

c. Time outs and Official Reviews.


2. Lineup Coaching

a. choosing a pack – factors for strong, successful pairings

b. lineup and jammer rotations – keeping players fresh and using the whole bench

c. maintaining a calm bench – getting players focused.


Sign up here! 


Come learn with Team Maryland All-Stars and help them get to State Wars!!!


SMRD Supports Warrior Dash

SMRD Supports Warrior Dash

SMRD Members and Friends are supporting the 2016 Warrior Dash in Mechanicsville, MD!  We’ll be volunteering around the event, so stop and say hi if you see us!

Warrior Dash is the obstacle course race that anyone can start and everyone can finish. With over two and a half million participants worldwide since 2009, we’ve reinvented the concept of a 5k run and created a revolution: Warrior Nation. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just beginning the challenge, you’ll conquer 12 world-class obstacles like Goliath and Fisherman’s Catch, wade across wooded lakes, and venture through mud-caked backroads as you make your loop to the finish line. You’ll be rewarded with a finisher medal (that doubles as a wall-mountable bottle opener), a sweet t-shirt, fuzzy Warrior helmet, and ice cold beer. Head to the post-race party to relive the course with friends, dance to music, and celebrate your decision to leave your normal weekend in the mud.

Want more info?  Visit

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet


Want to learn more about roller derby? Want to be a part of the team? Of course you do because EVERYONE DOES!

Come to our Winter Spring Meet & Greet to learn all there is to know. Ask questions, and meet the team! We will have bootcamp flyers and examples of derby gear for you all to see. Our Meet & Greet is during our league practice so you can see how we do things.

When: January 7th
Time: 7pm-9pm
Where: Waldorf Skate Center – 3410 Leonardtown Rd, Waldorf, Maryland 20601

Can’t make it? We have two more of these coming up on January 14th and 21st!



SMRDer Mystery Scrimmage

SMRDer Mystery Scrimmage


Southern Maryland Roller Derby is proud to host our first open scrimmageThe SMRDer Mystery! By the end of the day we’ll all find out who committed the crime, with what weapon, where and why!

Spectators of all ages are welcome! Enter the 50/50 bracket raffle to predict the mystery and win cash! Check our awesome Silent Auction items! Help Southern Maryland Girl Scouts by bringing in a non-perishable food item! Visit the SMRD merchandise table and our other amazing vendors! Wanna donate products, services or gift cards? Fill out this form!
Was it the The Showboat with The Smelly Gear in The Penalty Box because She Stole My Derby Wife or was is The Biased Official with The Skate Tool at The Afterparty because She Looked Better in Her Booty Shorts? Come play OR watch derby with SMRD to find out!

Saturday, November 14, 2015
Doors open to skaters at 11:30 AM
Doors open to spectators at 12:00 PM
First game begins at 12:45 PM

Capital Clubhouse, 3033 Waldorf Market Place, Waldorf, Maryland 20603

Four 30-minute WFTDA ruleset SMRDer Mystery-themed scrimmages (“The Who”, “With What”, “Scene of the Crime”, and “Why”)
Teams will be sorted based on skill levels of participants
Price – $15.00 (1-3 scrimmages based on skill level and number of attendees)
Scrimmage-ready (Skaters who are cleared to scrimmage by their league) WFTDA, MADE, or USARS skaters
Skating surface is sport court

You will need:
– Your human ID
– Black and white scrimmage tops with your skater name and number
– Arm bands or sharpie!
– All your gear! (helmet, mouth guard, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, skatesyou know the drill)
– Non-perishable items or cash donations for our Girl Scout troops’ food drive

PLEASE complete the Registration Form and buy your tickets here.

Watch derby, fill out your bracket to figure out whodunit, where, the weapon and why.
Price – Bring a non-perishable food item (cash donations will also be accepted) as your entry fee to help local Girl Scouts with their food drive!

You will need:
– Cash for vendors and raffles and silent auction!
– Chair or Blanket
– A camera, because there will totally be a unicorn therejust sayin’.

Tentative Scrimmage Schedule
11:30 Doors open to registrants, get with your first teams, off skates warmup on your own
12:00 Doors open to spectators
12:30-12:45 First warmup
12:45 Bracket turn in (by first whistle)
12:45-1:15 “The Who” Scrimmage
1:15-1:30 Second game warmup
1:30-2:00 “With What” Scrimmage
2:30-2:45 Third game warmup
2:45-3:15 “Scene of the Crime” Scrimmage
3:15-3:30 Fourth game warmup
3:30-4:00 “But Why?” Scrimmage
4:00 – Winner(s) of bracket challenge announced
4:00-5:00 Cool down/stretch and breakdown