Summer and bootcamp has come to an end.



Congratulations to our recent graduates of Level one and Level two Bootcamp!!  A rigorous 13 week course designed to learn the fundamental skills of bootcamp.  Now we move on to learning rules and strategy.  Watch out!  Because they will be bouting in no time!

Stay tuned as our new skaters AND referees go through the next step: picking out their derby names!

What’s the history of the derby name you ask?  Why do we have these faux names you wonder?  Way way back in the day, when roller derby first started and women joined the ranks, many of the skaters wanted to protect their real identity.  In those days, roller derby was seen as “unladylike” and merely playing the sport could have easily damaged her reputation.

Times have changed, but the tradition continues…

SMRD 2014 Summer Bootcamp Level 2

Congratulations on all the sk8rs and officials who made it through level one assessments!!!  We are so proud of all the hard work, determination and all out heart that you all put into learning the individual skills.

Contact and pack skating is going to be SO MUCH fun!

Level Two starts on the 23rd.  Let the good times roll!!

~~Princess Sleia

Southern Maryland Roller Derby Summer 2014 Boot Camp

Southern Maryland Roller Derby Summer 2014 Boot Camp

Level 1 Bootcamp runs June 4th to July 9th, Capital Clubhouse, Waldorf, MD (7-9pm)

Level 2 Bootcamp runs July 23rd to August 27, Capital Clubhouse, Waldorf, MD (7-9pm)


BOOTCAMP is where you go to learn about derby, build muscle and endurance, and meet new people. If you are new to derby and want to try things out to see if the sport is really for you then boot camp is the perfect place to start. We will teach you everything you need to know: how to skate, how to properly fall, how to stop, and the rules of flat track roller derby and is an excellent place to start for both skaters and referees interested in joining the world of derby.

**All skaters must be 18 years or older.

 Southern Maryland Roller Derby skate sessions are geared towards building the derby skating skills necessary for passing the WFTDA skills test

Step 1) Fill in application

Step 2) Prepaid tickets  will be available 5May, or bring cash/check/money order on first day


We will be having a Q&A/meet & greet on May 3 from 6-8pm at the Green Turtle in  Prince Frederick.  Come out and meet us and ask all your questions or just hang out and have some incredible food.


Helpful links:

Bootcamp info    What are the requirements?  What do I need to do before bootcamp starts?

 Official SMRD FB page  Great place to get the most up to date information that the league is doing

Join our FB recruit group  The first place to get any news about bootcamp