Our 2017 Bout Schedule!

What better way to start the year than by releasing our 2017 Bout schedule!

Stay tuned while we finalize some exciting details!

Check back for ways to get your tickets so you can support your favorite SMRD skater.

SMRD Appears on TheBayNet.com!

SMRD Appears on TheBayNet.com!

SMRD made a recent appearance in one of the dominant Southern Maryland news publications!

Ms. Joy Shrum of TheBayNet.com attended one of our practices – actually, the last practice of our 2016 season – to learn, talk, and take some great pictures!

Check out the article she generated from her experience and look at the photos:

Featured Image courtesy of thebaynet.com.

2018 Roller Derby 101!

2018 Roller Derby 101!


We have revamped our traditional bootcamp into Derby 101! We will teach you everything from putting on gear to skating safety and everything on up to cross-overs and jumps! So come out and SKATE WITH SMRD! All skill levels are welcome!

Derby 101 dates and times:
Our 2018 Derby 101 will be in the fall. Stay tuned for details!

Check out our Derby 101 page for the registration process and additional info!!


Are you a visiting skater or want to transfer in to SMRD?

We would love to have you join the team. Just dropping in or looking transfer in midseason, just click here to email the SMRD Training Director for practice information!


Join our Team


SMRD Presents Team Maryland Roller Derby Clinic

SMRD Presents Team Maryland Roller Derby Clinic

Do you have a sad derby-face right now because you just can’t make it to NEDC, ECDX or Rollercon? Well SMRD is here to help with a half-day clinic that is close to home and super affordable!

Join us as we host a roller derby clinic with members of Team Maryland Roller Derby and help them get to State Wars later this year!!!


Two sessions will be held (12:00pm-2:00pm and 2:00pm-5:00pm) on Sunday, June 5th featuring different skills during each.


1st session (non contact skills)


$10 – on-skates presale

$15 – on-skates at the door


2nd session (must be cleared for full contact)


$15 – on-skates presale

$20 – on-skates at the door


TRAINERS, COACHES for each session

$5 – off-skates presale

$5 – off-skates at the door



1st Session || 12:00-2:00pm (Beginner to Advanced)

Blocking Court:

Hour 1: Agility for speed and an intro to micro-movements

Hour 2: Micro-movements for effective and successful blocking 

Jamming Court:

Hour 1: Speeding you up with proper jamming form

Hour 2: Utilizing smart stops for explosiveness while jamming



2nd Session || 2:00-5:00pm (advanced to elite):

Blocking Court:

Hour 1: Intro to advanced blocking

Hour 2: Application of advanced blocking skills in game-play scenarios

Jamming Court:

Hour 1: Intro to advanced jamming and techniques for success 

Hour 2: Application of advanced jamming skills in game-play scenarios



Special for Trainers and Coaches!

We’ll be hosting a special one hour off skates clinic from 3pm-4pm “Bench Coaching 101” for ANYONE who purchases an off-skates coach pass!!

Session 1. Jam Coaching

a. Signalling/Communication from the bench

b. To call or not to call – strategies for different scenarios (protecting a lead, trapping a jammer, playing catch-up, etc.)

c. Time outs and Official Reviews.


2. Lineup Coaching

a. choosing a pack – factors for strong, successful pairings

b. lineup and jammer rotations – keeping players fresh and using the whole bench

c. maintaining a calm bench – getting players focused.


Sign up here! 


Come learn with Team Maryland All-Stars and help them get to State Wars!!!


SMRD Supports Warrior Dash

SMRD Supports Warrior Dash

SMRD Members and Friends are supporting the 2016 Warrior Dash in Mechanicsville, MD!  We’ll be volunteering around the event, so stop and say hi if you see us!

Warrior Dash is the obstacle course race that anyone can start and everyone can finish. With over two and a half million participants worldwide since 2009, we’ve reinvented the concept of a 5k run and created a revolution: Warrior Nation. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just beginning the challenge, you’ll conquer 12 world-class obstacles like Goliath and Fisherman’s Catch, wade across wooded lakes, and venture through mud-caked backroads as you make your loop to the finish line. You’ll be rewarded with a finisher medal (that doubles as a wall-mountable bottle opener), a sweet t-shirt, fuzzy Warrior helmet, and ice cold beer. Head to the post-race party to relive the course with friends, dance to music, and celebrate your decision to leave your normal weekend in the mud.

Want more info?  Visit https://www.warriordash.com/