We are excited to announce our 2018 Bout Schedule! We open the year with our SMRDer Mystery Open Scrimmage, “Skate of Thrones.” Our season opener is an away bout versus Mid Atlantic Roller Derby! Stay tuned for more updates, including possible more bouts!!


Click here for more info on the SMRDer Mystery Scrimmage : Skate of Thrones


Roller Derby & Pregnancy

Roller Derby & Pregnancy

Hey SMRDers! Rebel Fury here, and this is a blog of roller derby life with Southern Maryland Roller Derby, currently from the sidelines.

Let me introduce myself first! I have been with SMRD since 2016. Like many skaters, I am a strong woman, a wife, and a mother. I balance derby with my job and non-derby life. Crazy right? I was introduced to roller derby at my last military base in California over six years ago. I did my first bootcamp there and like all of us, fell in love. Life and the military, had other plans. I passed my minimum skills assessment two months pregnant, stopped skating and vowed to return when I delivered. I was determined to not give up my pre-motherhood passion; I was also delusional 😊

Once I had regained my sea legs as a mother, my family received orders to Maryland. Now I had two kids, and knew I needed to find something for myself if I was going to survive the relocation. I searched derby in my area, and the rest is history. Fast forward to today and the real reason I started this blog; stepping back from derby when you get pregnant. I’m nuts, and am now pregnant with our third, joining the growing list of “injured”skaters. When I first found out, I researched to see who else has experienced this and how the hell did they step back from the sport we love so much. I found a couple, but none so relevant to my situation. Because let’s face it, there is some guilt associated with being a pregnant skater. I knew my team had plans, hell, I had plans! Now they were down a skater for some tough bouts. As my pregnancy has progressed I do not always have the energy, i.e. falling asleep at 7pm, to go out to functions. How do I fit it into roller derby without being able to actually skate; that was the FUN part!

I struggled in the beginning, but have since found my own way to contribute to the team I love so much. I NSO, I bench coach, and now do some of the background work that goes along with running a derby league. With a spouse who is away quite often, I find myself staying at home, watching my skates collect dust. I drool watching videos of how to perfect your hockey stops or Miracle Whips doing another awesome thing. I am keeping active with my workouts to ensure minimal muscle and endurance loss but I know when, and it definitely is WHEN I come back, there will be work to be done. Right now though, there is some envy, but mainly excitement watching this season’s bootcampers graduating. I for sure will be cheering them on this season from the sidelines. This experience has really created a deeper appreciation for those who do not skate but stay involved with derby. But if one thing is obvious, we, non-skating members and volunteers, do what we do because we love roller derby and our league!

Until next time!
Derby love,



SMRDer Mystery Scrimmage- Skate of Thrones March 24th, 2018

SMRDer Mystery Scrimmage- Skate of Thrones March 24th, 2018

Our SMRDer Mystery Scrimmage returns with a theme worthy of the Iron Throne itself!

Which house will prevail and which house will you fight for in the Skate of Thrones?

House Targaryen, House Stark, House Greyjoy, or House Lannister

Find out March 24th with Southern Maryland Roller Derby!
11:30am -4:00pm
Capital Clubhouse
3033 Waldorf Market Place
Waldorf, MD 20603
Come support your favorite house dressed in your Westeros best!
We love and appreciate all the skating and non-skating officials who help make this happen! Whether you are a volunteer or skater,
Sign up here!
We will post pics & fun updates on FB!
Southern Maryland Roller Derby vs. CCRG Trouble Makers

Southern Maryland Roller Derby vs. CCRG Trouble Makers


Southern Maryland Roller Derby takes on the Charm City Rollergirls Trouble Makers!

Doors open at 5:30 pm! The first whistle blows at 6pm!

Kids under 12 are free!

Bring a blanket or a chair and see the best action along the ADRENA-LINE!*

There will be a 50/50 raffle to support our 2017-2018 Adopt-a-Highway program.

Shop our awesome vendors and grab some food at the Capital Clubhouse concessions stand!

Show support SMRD by wearing your SMRD gear (don’t worry, you can get SMRDed up at the merch table), or make a sign to support your favorite skater!

*Fans under age 12 not allowed within 5ft of the hazard line

Join us for the afterparty at Grille No. 13 in Waldorf!

Our 2017 Bout Schedule!

What better way to start the year than by releasing our 2017 Bout schedule!

Stay tuned while we finalize some exciting details!

Check back for ways to get your tickets so you can support your favorite SMRD skater.

SMRD Appears on TheBayNet.com!

SMRD Appears on TheBayNet.com!

SMRD made a recent appearance in one of the dominant Southern Maryland news publications!

Ms. Joy Shrum of TheBayNet.com attended one of our practices – actually, the last practice of our 2016 season – to learn, talk, and take some great pictures!

Check out the article she generated from her experience and look at the photos:

Featured Image courtesy of thebaynet.com.

2018 Roller Derby 101!

2018 Roller Derby 101!


We have revamped our traditional bootcamp into Derby 101! We will teach you everything from putting on gear to skating safety and everything on up to cross-overs and jumps! So come out and SKATE WITH SMRD! All skill levels are welcome!

Derby 101 dates and times:
Our 2018 Derby 101 will be in the fall. Stay tuned for details!

Check out our Derby 101 page for the registration process and additional info!!


Are you a visiting skater or want to transfer in to SMRD?

We would love to have you join the team. Just dropping in or looking transfer in midseason, just click here to email the SMRD Training Director for practice information!


Join our Team


Updated Bout Schedule

Updated Bout Schedule

Our remaining home games have been changed to the following!!

Sept 17th, 1pm vs Mid Atlantic Roller Derby

@ Capital Clubhouse in Waldorf, MD


Oct 1st, 1pm vs Morgantown Rollers

@ Capital Clubhouse in Waldorf, MD


Get ready for the most exciting games of the year!!!!

Roller Derby 101, beginning September 7th!!!

Roller Derby 101, beginning September 7th!!!


We have revamped our traditional bootcamp into Derby 101! We will teach you everything from putting on gear to skating safety and everything on up to cross-overs and jumps! So come out and SKATE WITH SMRD! All skill levels are welcome!

Derby 101 dates and times:
Date: Wednesday, September 7th
Time: 7pm-9pm every Sunday for 6 weeks
Where: Waldorf Skating Center. The cost is $60.

How to sign up for Bootcamp
Southern Maryland Roller Derby Application – Please fill this out first if you have not done so already. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qS-IJ2CPLokLtgg6TaLHSsFjgDHBCFboIvxR6INHDz0/viewform

$60 Derby 101 Fees – How to Pay
•This Brown Paper Ticket link
•Must bring cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check made out to Southern Maryland Roller Derby, Inc. ($25 fee on returned checks)

What to bring to Bootcamp
Mandatory to skate at Bootcamp:
•Must be 18 or older. There is no age cap.
•Primary medical insurance is mandatory for all skaters and referees.
•Bring your government photo ID and primary insurance card.
•Mandatory gear to skate at Bootcamp. No Gear = No Skating. No exceptions.

Required gear:
•Mouth guard
•Wrist guards, elbow and knee pads
•Quad speed skates ((Referees may use inline skates))

Optional gear:
•Butt pads
•Tailbone guard
•Shin guards
•Water or sports drinks and snacks to refuel.

Additional helpful information:
Wear tennis shoes and athletic clothing (long pants, leggings or tights are recommended to avoid rink rash).

Prior skating experience is awesome, but not a requirement.

A high level of physical fitness is not necessary, only the willingness to improve. Extra exercise and/or training will benefit you as an athlete. It is recommended that you:

Visit open skates to get acquainted with your skater legs

Go outside! Skate in parking lots, on paved trails, tennis courts and/or concrete pads.

Work on exercises that target and strengthen the quads and hamstrings, i.e., one leg balancing, squats, lunges, and donkey kicks.

Do sit ups and squats. Lots of them. Build up your core and leg muscles.

There are several websites that offer “rookie” packages where you can get your complete setup (required gear and skates) for a couple hundred bucks. These are just a few sites:

http://www.bruisedboutique.com/onlinestore/ (use our special discount code for 15% of freshmeat packages and 10% regularly priced items: SOMD10)

www.wickedskatewear.com (SMRD Discount code for 10% off: SouthernMarylandRD)

www.rollergirlskates.com (SMRD Discount code for 10% off: rgsderby10)

www.ebay.com or www.craigslist.com – Check out lightly used gear

If you have any questions on gear, please email recruiting and we’ll get ya squared away.

We are also lucky enough to have two brick and mortar derby shops within driving distance.

As the Bearing Turns @ 14 East Baltimore St., Greencastle, PA 17225 • 717-830-3366

Derby Star Pro Shop @ 7820-E Wormans Mill Rd., Frederick, MD 21701 • 301-663-0007

Extra info
Websites to stay in touch

Join our Forum to stay connected with each other and the rest of the team. It’s a great place to ask about gear!!!
Join our Facebook recruit group for great clips and tips we find on Facebook

Also, don’t forget to visit our Bootcamp website

We play by the WFTDA rule set ( http://wftda.com/ ) and are the only competitive WFTDA league in Southern Maryland and the only league that could be ranked. WFTDA’s website also has a TON of archive bouts that you can watch! http://wftda.tv/archives/ . Take a look and see what derby is really all about!

Watch on our main facebook page for things in the future! We have games, events, practices that are open to the public and more coming up! Facebook will be the place with the newest information. Be sure to turn on notifications for our page to stay up to date.SMRD_BOOTCAMP_FALL2016_fb

SMRD Presents Team Maryland Roller Derby Clinic

SMRD Presents Team Maryland Roller Derby Clinic

Do you have a sad derby-face right now because you just can’t make it to NEDC, ECDX or Rollercon? Well SMRD is here to help with a half-day clinic that is close to home and super affordable!

Join us as we host a roller derby clinic with members of Team Maryland Roller Derby and help them get to State Wars later this year!!!


Two sessions will be held (12:00pm-2:00pm and 2:00pm-5:00pm) on Sunday, June 5th featuring different skills during each.


1st session (non contact skills)


$10 – on-skates presale

$15 – on-skates at the door


2nd session (must be cleared for full contact)


$15 – on-skates presale

$20 – on-skates at the door


TRAINERS, COACHES for each session

$5 – off-skates presale

$5 – off-skates at the door



1st Session || 12:00-2:00pm (Beginner to Advanced)

Blocking Court:

Hour 1: Agility for speed and an intro to micro-movements

Hour 2: Micro-movements for effective and successful blocking 

Jamming Court:

Hour 1: Speeding you up with proper jamming form

Hour 2: Utilizing smart stops for explosiveness while jamming



2nd Session || 2:00-5:00pm (advanced to elite):

Blocking Court:

Hour 1: Intro to advanced blocking

Hour 2: Application of advanced blocking skills in game-play scenarios

Jamming Court:

Hour 1: Intro to advanced jamming and techniques for success 

Hour 2: Application of advanced jamming skills in game-play scenarios



Special for Trainers and Coaches!

We’ll be hosting a special one hour off skates clinic from 3pm-4pm “Bench Coaching 101” for ANYONE who purchases an off-skates coach pass!!

Session 1. Jam Coaching

a. Signalling/Communication from the bench

b. To call or not to call – strategies for different scenarios (protecting a lead, trapping a jammer, playing catch-up, etc.)

c. Time outs and Official Reviews.


2. Lineup Coaching

a. choosing a pack – factors for strong, successful pairings

b. lineup and jammer rotations – keeping players fresh and using the whole bench

c. maintaining a calm bench – getting players focused.


Sign up here! 


Come learn with Team Maryland All-Stars and help them get to State Wars!!!